Every body wants to ride on the blockchain wave irrespective of its feasibility in their current project. We have defined our own blockchain framework to solve the following dilemma:-

1) Choosing a framework for blockchain solutions keeping in mind the following attributes:- Business use case, Scalability, Support Model, Roadmap, Community Support, Licensing, Interoperability.
2) How to integrate with an existing enterprise application.
3) How to deal with the high initial cost like:-
     -Cost of integration is higher than the new licensing cost
     -Capex and Opex of Infra is very high
     -New Licencesing cost
4) Privacy and Security as nothing is permanently secure as security is also a function of time.
5) Regulation
6) The readiness of the ecosystem as blockchain is a network play, so these are the two major questions to be answered
     -Who owns the network
     -Who decides who can join the network